Life in the OBX during the winter

Some call it boring, I prefer to call it tranquil. Despite the fact that a fair amount of people do live here year round and life does continue from day to day, it just seems to slow down. Relax, if you will. And while this winter has brought more snow and cold than I can remember it has also had it’s share of temperate days and crisp evenings. There is nothing in the world more relaxing that kicking back on a porch swing and reading a good book not having to worry about getting eaten alive by mosquitoes or slathering on the sunscreen. A couple weeks ago Kayla and I went for a lovely drive down to Rodanthe and spent a late afternoon out on the beach watching the sunset and no other forms of life except a rogue seagull here and there.

For the business side of things we really enjoy getting to branch out a bit photographically. We like to keep our skills sharp by busting out the studio equipment and doing a couple small family shoots with the backdrop, lights and the whole nine yards, or going to some of the local sporting events at the schools for some action shots. Mostly though, we do spend the majority of time indoors tweaking the website or updating Facebook or any of the hundred other things that occur behind the scenes that we just don’t have time to do in the hectic summer months.

All in all, I wouldn’t trade any of it for all the tea in England. We run around like lunatics for 6 months, but when we can curl up on the couch and watch a movie while the snow falls on the water outside our window it all seems worth it.




Lions and tigers and bears! Or just tigers…

Recently Kayla and I went on a random road trip to the beautiful town of Greensboro and discovered they have a very nice zoo/aquarium. We braved the snow and went in search of the tiger exhibit, and it did not disappoint! Such beautiful and magnificent creatures who didnt mind the cold weather one bit. It was really cool (pun intended) being the only ones out in the snow and less than a foot from the tigers. Among the other more adorable critters was a red panda, along with a whole bunch of penguins, rooms full of reptiles and a selection of pretty much everything else you can think of. Definitely worth stopping if you are traveling though the area!